About Our Courses

Having effective leaders and managers is one of the most critical components to long-term business success. With IVC’s leadership development courses, your managers become the kind of leaders your employees are excited to work for.

The Essentials of Leadership series is designed for today’s leaders - busy managers, first-time managers, and emerging leaders.

IVC business partners pay only $49 per course per student. (Most training companies charge between $500-$2500 for a single leadership class!) These 12 courses provide leaders with the foundational and interpersonal skills to:

·        Improve communication

·        Enhance employee motivation and retention

·        Create more efficient and effective teams

This award-winning curriculum can be taken anywhere, anytime on any device and will provide your leaders with the practical and relevant skills that they can put to use immediately!

Click here to purchase courses or feel free to contact Bill Kerwin Director, Economic and Workforce Development at  ivc-ewd@ivc.edu, 949-282-2718 for more information.